Bringing the scenic beauty of the world’s geoparks into the digital realm

The enabled. The disabled. The young. The old. Everyone. Our goal is to make the world’s geological heritage accessible for all.


The mission

Imagine being able to visit any place on Earth in an instant. Imagine being allowed to see how our world became what it is today, live. Imagine having the option to discover, learn and be entertained at the same time. Our goal is to make it all possible.

Our goal is to make it all possible.

Introducing geoVR: An interactive virtual reality experience with a global scope.

Experience. Explore. Participate. Join us.

geoVR was started as a pilot project in early 2014 to find new, modern and digital ways to share the fascinating scenery and history of the Magma Geopark in southwestern Norway with the world.


The start

geoVR started as a pilot project initiated by Magma Geopark in early 2014 to find new, modern and digital ways to share the fascinating scenery and history of the Magma Geopark in southwestern Norway with the world.

The goal was to create a proof of concept to showcase how a fusion between digital tools, modern interfaces and natural science could enable access to knowledge, experiences and nature scenes for everyone; to make the world’s geological heritage accessible for all.

With the pilot being a success, the official geoVR project was initiated in early 2015 with ambitions to invite, cover and include a large number of geoparks and locations all over the world.


The now

Although breathtaking and majestic, hikes through the many geoparks all over the world are not accessible to all. Not everyone has the physical prerequisites to take on a hiking trip. Some do not have the economic means, nor the time, needed. Some would just like to learn without travelling.

geoVR addresses all those needs, and the project has now grown to include a number of Norwegian and international partners from all corners of the globe.

The technology behind the project is in rapid development, and additional funding is now being sourced from both state-level and private sponsors.


The result

Through the use of cutting edge and state-of-the-art computer-based hardware and visualizations, the geoVR project aims to enable everyone to take a virtual tour of the Earth’s history and current state without being physically present.

It is a way of going there without being there, and the geoVR experience can thus be used for leisure, entertainment, exploration or educational purposes, and it’s a brand new approach to one of the most interesting aspects of Earth’s history.

The next project milestone will be a temporary, fully functional installation at the Jaer Museum in Norway in May 2016. The final version is due launched on a global scale in Q2 2017, with a replicable, portable and fully immersive installation available for all partners involved.

Experience. Explore. Participate.

World exploration is for everyone.

The technology

geoVR will fuse several different technologies, hardwares and software solutions to make the geoparks come alive in a digital environment.

Through the combined use of advanced 360-degree HD cameras, 3D generated scenarios, the latest iterations of virtual reality headsets, customized software interfaces and user-friendly audience participation stations we will make the geoVR experience a prime example of an exhibition in the cross points between human participation and digital frontiers.


The technologies allow us to include virtual scenarios and settings based on actual live footage from the participating geoparks, combine them with digital layers, effects and interaction capabilities and switch between historical simulations and presents day natural surroundings.

It also lowers the bar for a younger audience, as it incorporates several elements of computer game technology, high resolutions interfaces and a high degree of customized experiences.


360-degree HD footage

The geoVR project will implement av wide range of technologies and content creation techniques.

Among them the use of world-leading 360-degree video capture, enabling us to portrait the scenic views of the geoparks involved through the virtual reality headset. It’s the next best thing to actually being there.

Unity 3D and interactivity

Alongside the live film/footage, extensive 3D and game technologies will be implemented, allowing us to show and interact with historic scenes and sceneries, let the users touch, explore and interact with life-like 3D environments.

The geoVR project will base our interactive 3D scenes on the vast opportunities offered by the Unity gaming and programming platform, which offers close to unlimited possibilities for content creation.


Intuitive controls

As the geoVR project is aimed towards everyone, regardless of age, location or physical capabilites, the user interface will employ a number of entry-level, user friendly interfaces to move around and explore within the application.

Among the interface options being explored and implemented are head-based navigation (removing the need for the use of other hardware or even arm movement), ways make human limbs an integrated part of the digital experience through sensors and movement detection and perhaps even voice-activated commands.

It’s all part of our plan for universal appeal.

Experience. Explore. Participate.

Become a partner today.

The partners

The geoVR project was initiated by Magma Geopark and developed in cooperation with the Norwegian communication- and technology agency Doublethink. The Jaer Museum and the UNESCO World Heritage Foundation also contributed content for the pilot project.

With the launch of the geoVR project we aim to offer a much wider content, with more locations, even more interactivity and more ways to explore the virtual surroundings to any member of the global network of geoparks.

Participating members so far include:

Become a part of it.

The geoVR is a truly exciting project, bound to stimulate both the geological community and all audiences in general.

We would love your support and participation, and there are two ways to become a part of this new, global project:

As an active member with content within the solution showcasing your geological locations and/or geoparks.

As a sponsor, where project contributions will allow you and/or your company to showcase yourself within the digital realm and/or physical stations to be placed in museums and exhibitions all over the world.


For more information on opportunities or the project in general, please contact:

Magma UNESCO Geopark
Manager Pål Thjømøe
+47 91 78 25 94

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Magma UNESCO Geopark
Manager Pål Thjømøe
+47 91 78 25 94


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